Stimulsoft BI Server 2023.1.8 Crack

Stimulsoft BI Server is a client-server system that allows you to efficiently and effectively implement a full cycle of working with reports and dashboards that starts from the designing and automation of execution information processing tasks and ends on preparing for convenient presentation of results to users. Functionality and power of the reporting module are implemented using a fast and modern technology of Stimulsoft, which flexibility and reliability are time-tested.

Among the tasks that Stimulsoft BI Server successfully solves, one can highlight:

  • Data conversion from popular data sources into bright and colored multi-page documents with graphic elements and different charts;
  • Creating and editing reports and dashboards using the built-in designer;
  • Centralized storage of reports and dashboards in the workspace of the server;
  • Planned data processing using the built-in scheduler;
  • Notification of the server events related to data processing.

To control the functionality of our server, we offer several useful client applications that provide an opportunity to work with the most modern computers and portable devices. Stimulsoft Server is simpler than you think. It has an intuitively understandable interface of applications. There are several ways of using them, quick installation, and extensive automation capabilities make it easy to get started without specific skills and specialized knowledge. Reasonable pricing policy makes our product accessible and beneficial for using in any amount of data being processed.

关于 Stimulsoft BI 服务器


Stimulsoft BI Server 是一个完整的商业智能、客户端-服务器解决方案,可提供报告和分析。前端提供数据可视化,后端提供数据处理和存储。Stimulsoft BI Server 可以用作独立的报表服务器以及可嵌入的解决方案。该软件提供多种报表服务器功能,包括创建和编辑报表、存储报表、计划报表以及将报表交付给客户端。

Stimulsoft BI 服务器功能

  • 从流行数据源到带有图形元素和图表的多页文档的数据转换。
  • 使用内置的报告设计器创建和编辑报告。
  • 在服务器上集中存储报告。
  • 使用托管在云存储中的文件和来自 Microsoft Dynamics 的数据。
  • 使用内置调度程序计划数据处理。
  • 与数据处理相关的服务器事件通知。
  • 支持触摸设备。
  • 支持多语言报告和内置 UI 本地化。
  • 支持流行的 DBMS,包括 MS SQL Server、MySQL Server、ODBC 和 OLE DB 接口。
  • 输出不同格式的数据,包括 Adob​​e PDF、MS XPS、MS Word、MS Power Point、MS Excel、Open Document Writer 和 Open Document Calc 等。
  • 报告及其快照的版本控制有助于防止数据丢失。
  • 具有加密和访问控制的安全协议提供高安全性。
  • 创建复杂的自动化工作流程并自定义它们以在全自动模式下运行。